Leslie Strachan, LICSW, ACC

Leslie Strachan

Leslie Strachan, LICSW, ACC, is a Certified Executive Coach and EAP Consultant. Her practice combines coaching training in Executive and Career Coaching, a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and over 20 years experience in organizations. Leslie enjoys coaching individuals in the areas of personal and professional development. Her clinical skills, blended with her coaching expertise, create an environment for clients to feel supported while developing a collaborative coaching relationship. Leslie works with individuals and professionals in a range of industries including: health care, financial services, technology, non-profit organizations and education. Her coaching expertise includes areas of resilience, interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, life balance and renewal, authentic leadership, supporting women in the workplace, motivating and coaching others, mindfulness training and change management.

Leslie started her clinical career working within organizations, supporting employees regarding a variety of issues from personal to work related concerns. As a working mom of three children, she learned to appreciate the complexities associated with working while managing the needs at home and trying to fit in personal needs & self-care. Her passion for helping people develop professionally and thrive personally brought her to the field of executive coaching. Leslie decided to pursue formal education in Executive Coaching and has since launched her own Executive Coaching practice.

Leslie has helped students to senior leaders navigate career growth and transitions. She works with her clients to identify obstacles and motivators for change while paying careful attention to other influencers, such as environmental and personal factors. Understanding the whole person; challenges, motivations, values, and relationships, is critical to supporting an individual down the path to success. Leslie helps her clients better understand themselves and how they can positively impact others while building upon their own sense of accomplishment towards a successful personal and professional life.

Leslie received her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College. She completed her Graduate Certified Executive Coaching Certificate from William James College and holds an Associate Coaching Certificate with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is certified as a Career Coach through the Certified Professional Career Coach Program. She is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor and Certified Employee Assistance Professional.