Judy Neer

Jundy Neer

Exercise & Movement Mentor
When you need someone to guide and motivate you

Judy believes that exercise doesn’t have to be overwhelming and time consuming.  It should be a way of life. Judy’s goal is to help individuals get to that point. She will be your exercise partner and guide on how to get moving.  

Exercise isn’t just something that Judy just does every day, it’s her passion. It’s like taking a shower. “I just don’t feel as good if I don’t do something.” She has motivated friends and family to try it and helped them stick to it.

Exercise doesn’t have to be something you do from January to February as a New Year’s resolution. You don’t have to commit to a plan that you just can’t stick with. Her philosophy is anything is better than nothing. Start small and add on as you can. Sometimes you just need someone to guide and motivate you to keep going.

Judy offers 60-minute walking packages. Locations vary depending on available time and interests. They can start in your neighborhood and move on to any of the many trails on the South Shore.

Judy spent over 30 years in the marketing and advertising business. She facilitated the working relationships between marketers and their agencies. Judy was a mentor to many along the way. Those that wanted to get into the business and those that wanted to move up the ladder. And even with a long commute into Boston, frequent business travel and a husband and daughter at home, she found a way to fit exercise into her day.