Anja Ullrich, Ph.D.

Anja Ullrich

Having worked for 25 years as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Anja Ullrich, Ph.D. specializes in a holistic approach, helping clients gain awareness of the connection between emotions, thoughts, and the physical body.  She supports adults and seniors in living lives to their fullest potential, encourages a balance of family life, physical wellness, intellectual curiosity and social fulfillment.  Her senior clients are assisted in managing life transitions, age-related cognitive decline, chronic pain and illness, changing family dynamics and social isolation.

Dr. Ullrich earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Brown University in 1988.  She completed her Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology at Columbia University and attained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1995 at St. John’s University.  Dr. Ullrich is a Massachusetts State Certified School Psychologist and, as a Hatha Yoga Instructor, holds classes twice weekly at the Hingham Senior Center.